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હાથ ધોવાની યોગ્ય પધ્ધતિ- આપણું સ્વાસ્થ્ય આપણા હાથ માં

17th April 2019 5

આપ સૌનું માં letsbuilddestiny ખુબ સ્વાગત છે. Letsbuilddestiny- A powerful platform to share powerful thoughts. મિત્રો આપ બધા નો જે અમુલ્ય પ્રેમ અને સહકાર મળે છે એ જોઈ ને મને ઘણા બધા સારા લેખ લખવાનું મનોબળ મળતું રહે છે. કાલે જ આપણે ઈશ્વર પર નો ભરોસો : ભગવાન કહેશે કે “લે બેટા આ તારું” લેખ…

By Dr.Viral Shah


14th February 2019 1

Hey, my friends, those who are very much interested in reading or loves to read good books here I have published New Page for all my followers & friends. Just Open Page You will Find Some good books Heading Simply click on “Shop Now” You will be redirected to the Amazon site  You can easily…

By Dr.Viral Shah

ઓનલાઈન ખરીદી -સોનેરી સૂચનો

21st December 2018 1

શુભ સવાર મિત્રો. આપ સૌનું letsbuilddestiny માં ખુબ ખુબ સ્વાગત છે. આજે દિવસ છે કંઇક નવું શીખવાનો. આપણા માં થી ઘણા બધા આ જાણતા પણ હશે, પરંતુ મને લાગ્યું કે આ ખુબ જ અગત્ય ની માહિતી છે જેને તમારા સુધી પોહચાડવી જોઈએ. આજનો આ યુગ એટલે ટક્નોલોજી નો યુગ છે.ટેકનોલોજી એ આપણી જીવન શૈલી ને…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Safe ONLINE Shopping- Be Smart

21st December 2018 2

Hello Friends, Welcome to letsbuilddestiny. Today is a day to learn something new. Maybe many of us know this but I thought to share some very useful information with you. Today is the era of technology. It makes our life very simple but of course, it had increased the risk of cyber attack too. Today…

By Dr.Viral Shah

That's why we need to do exercise

16th December 2018 Off

Hello friends. Welcome to Letsbuilddestiny Today’s topic I have chosen to bring awareness about our health. I also need to do this strickly and whatever the season or atmosphere is have to go with this rule. Many of us are doing this on a daily basis and I need to congratulate them. Yes topic is…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Day 8 12/12/2018 Security Tips For Girls

12th December 2018 8

Hey Friends, welcome and good morning. Today we will see something new and very interesting. I choose today’s topic by seeing one of the most amazing Whatsapp Video and find it useful and necessary to share This blog is especially for girls and women. In today’s world, it is very much necessary to educate girls…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Day 06 10/12/2018 It's time to think about this.

10th December 2018 2

Hello friends, Welcome and Very Good Morning. Headlines: 55 lakhs candidates are searching for Jobs to meet their daily living In Gujarat, India.In spite of having a good degree. Yesterday’s news lines make me think the whole day. Today’s title is about unemployment in spite of getting post-graduate degree.and is bitter truth of our today’s…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Day 4 08/12/2018 Cybersecurity Tips

8th December 2018 7

Hello Friends, Welcome and Good Morning, Today Let’s talk something different. My today’s topic is something very different but I feel it is important things to share with you all. In today’s world of technology, it’s so easy and comfortable to do things instantly and conveniently. Like, If I  want to travel to someplace I…

By Dr.Viral Shah