Free available best life saving Drug

18th December 2018 3

Share this on WhatsAppThis is free medicine available Hello friends, good morning and most welcome to letsbuilddestiny. Our place of sharing thoughts. I first, thank all my dear followers who are sharing my post on Facebook and on Whats App with their friends and family members. You are giving your contribution in spreading happiness. Thank you…

By Dr.Viral Shah

જિંદગી બચાવનારી સૌથી અસરકાર દવા- Life-saving Drug- Smile

18th December 2018 0

Share this on WhatsAppમિત્રો,આપ બધા નું letsbuilddestiny માં ખુબ ખુબ સ્વાગત છે. આપણા બધાના વિચારો આદાન પ્રદાન કરવા માટે નું એક સરળ માધ્યમ. પહેલા તો હું મારા ફોલોવર્સ ને ખુબ ખુબ ધન્યવાદ પાઠવું છું. જેમને મારા દરેક આર્ટીકલ ને ફેસબુક,વોટ્સએપ્પ પર બધા તેમના મિત્રો અને પરિવાર જનો ને મોકલ્યા.તમને જણાવી દઉં કે તમે આપણા આ…

By Dr.Viral Shah

મારા બે સારા મિત્રો- જિંદગી જીતવાની રીત

17th December 2018 11

Share this on WhatsAppમારા મિત્રો આપ સૌનું  LETSBUILDESTINY (ચાલો એક નવા ભવિષ્ય નું ઘડતર કરીએ) માં ખુબ ખુબ સ્વાગત કરું છું. આજે કઇંક નવીન કરવાનું વિચાર્યું અને બહુ બધા મારા મિત્રો જે નિયમિતપણે મારો બ્લોગ વાંચે છે તેમને મને કહ્યું કે ક્યારેક ગજરાતી માં લખો.તેમને પેહલા તો હું ધન્યવાદ પાઠવું છું મારો બ્લોગ નિયમિતપણે વાંચવા…

By Dr.Viral Shah

That's why we need to do exercise

16th December 2018 Off

Share this on WhatsAppHello friends. Welcome to Letsbuilddestiny Today’s topic I have chosen to bring awareness about our health. I also need to do this strickly and whatever the season or atmosphere is have to go with this rule. Many of us are doing this on a daily basis and I need to congratulate them.…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Strengthen your self

15th December 2018 Off

Share this on WhatsAppHello friends. Welcome to the Letsbuilddestiny Today we will Keep this topic short and let’s make this topic interactive Since a week I was working on a topic how to make ourself STRONG? I was constantly engaged for this topic and I thought to make this topic interesting and interactive I have…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Its time to evaluate.letsbuilddestiny needs your help

14th December 2018 4

Share this on WhatsAppHey Friends, Welcome to my blog My motto to write in this blog is to just help people to stay motivated prevent low age suicide incidents. make youth and people to think in a new direction. thoughts that are necessary for daily life Now Today is the day for feedback of my…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Day 09 13/12/2018 Spend time with these 2 people

13th December 2018 5

Share this on WhatsAppHey friends, Welcome and very Good morning Today’s discussion is very short but wants to give an important message to have a successful and peaceful life. When you read the title you might be thinking that I am going to talk about some famous personalities or celebrities. But the answer is NO!…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Day 8 12/12/2018 Security Tips For Girls

12th December 2018 8

Share this on WhatsAppHey Friends, welcome and good morning. Today we will see something new and very interesting. I choose today’s topic by seeing one of the most amazing Whatsapp Video and find it useful and necessary to share This blog is especially for girls and women. In today’s world, it is very much necessary…

By Dr.Viral Shah