A Salute to the martyr of the Indian army

A Salute to the martyr of the Indian army

19th February 2019 2 By Dr.Viral Shah

I am writing this to tribute to Martyr of Pulwama attack on 14-02-2019. It is also for the martyr of Indian army.Whatever happened on that day puts a whole nation in Resentment.

Our young army men innocently died/ martyr in that attack and we all salute them. It is the biggest terrorist attack until this date. What to write? what to say? Totally speechless. I am also in resentment. there is deep anger in me. I became sentimental while writing this. Deep inside my mind and my heart, I want to do something to help my army men, my nation, proud to be Indian. I don’t let this form go. I don’t want to just seat and by watching the news and saying or commenting oh my god so bad it is. There is a constant battle in my mind lets do something for this. This is not only my situation I hope many of our friends have the same feeling.

Our ancient Indian literature: Vashisht Smruti

In our ancient Indian literature, According to Vashisht Smruti the person who did 6 major things known as “AATTAYI”. In today’s era, we call them terrorists.

Hindi version of Vashisht Smruti:

’वशिष्ठ-स्मृति’ के अनुसार आततायी का लक्षण निम्नलिखित है―
*अग्निदो गरदश्चैव शस्त्रपाणिर्धनापहः ।*क्षेत्रदारहरश्चैव षडेते आततायिनः ।।-(वशिष्ठ-स्मृति ३/१९)*

आग लगाने वाला,विष देने वाला,हाथ में शस्त्र लेकर निरपराधों की हत्या करने वाला,दूसरों का धन छीनने वाला,पराया-खेत छीनने वाला,पर-स्त्री का हरण करने वाला-ये छह आततायी हैं।
ऐसे आततायी के वध के लिए मनुजी का आदेश है―

*गुरुं वा बालवृद्धौ वा ब्राह्मणं वा बहुश्रुतम् ।*आततायिनमायान्तं हन्यादेवाविचारयन् ।।–(मनु० ८/३५०)*

आततायी को चाहे वह गुरु हो या बालक,वृद्ध हो या बहुश्रुत-ब्राह्मण, बिना सोचे शीघ्र मार देना चाहिये।

  1. kills an innocent person by lighting up the fire
  2. gives poison to another innocent person
  3. robs all wealth of an honest person or innocent person
  4. Takes over or snatches land of an innocent person
  5. A person who does insult of Woman
  6. A person who attacks another innocent person not holding any weapons.

And the person who did any one of them or six of them is being called “AATTAYI”. They mentioned punishment also for this kind of person.

It is written that If you ever see this kind of person coming to you. Just kill them not even think once.

Today we need to follow this. Our army will take care of the nation. Our army will definitely kill terrorists. We all have strong faith in them.

But what we can do? How can we give them support?

We can give them support by doing our best for them. In many different ways. Whatever you fill right or comfortable with.  If you have any idea or if your expert to develop technology that helps Our nation or Indian army you can do so. If you are an expert in building weapons or building things which can strengthen our Indian army you can do so.

We all know the story of little squirrel helping Shree Ram in making of the bridge over the sea in Ramayana.

She helped as per her capacity by throwing little stones in making that bridge that helped Shree ram and his army to reach Lanka.

Our Contribution

Like that we all can give our little contribution in taking revenge on this attack or making our country strong.

We all are doing candle march and prayers for peace of our martyr’s soul. But what I feel is they will get peace only when we will take revenge and send these Basterds in hell. When we kill them and make this world terrorist free.

For that, we all have to unite. we have to support our army and each other in every way. We all have to contribute our skills. Give your contribution in the way you feel right.

We all can establish a good amount of fund which can help our Indian army to develop the best technology, in building up strong weapons. We can also use that fund in good for our martyr’s family like for education of their children. For helping them in their medical expenses. for making them strong.

Starting from Rs.1 to the maximum amount as per our capacity we can collect and we can do many good things in all these ways. India has the power of youth. We can take our nation to the whole new level. We can make this world terrorist free. Yes, of course, it requires unity. Teamwork.

You can directly contribute to The families of martyr Via link below. it is official government link. https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/donorLogin

And we all know there is one saying “Unity has all power”let’s try to bring all other countries with India and when we become one world, we can definitely make it terrorist free.

Want to ask Just one question.

How’s the josh, Jawan?

Do give your opinions. Share this article with your family and friends. Use WhatsApp power to make true whatever I said. Share this on social media. Share share share. Anyone welcome with new ideas and opinion, Shortly I will make the link available for donation or contribution.

let’s Unite & Finish it off. Let’s make this world terrorist free for our new generations.

You can read this article in gujarati http://www.letsbuilddestiny.org.in/salute-to-martyr-of-pulwama-terror-attack/

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