Critical Success Factors – A key to success

Critical Success Factors – A key to success

8th March 2019 4 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello friends Welcome to letsbuilddestiny – A powerful platform to share powerful thoughts.
Powerful positive thoughts are one of the critical factors for success. Powerful positive thoughts create our future. Let me say in another way that our future reflects in our thoughts.

I must say share good thoughts as you never know that your one thought can change someone’s life. It can give new life to someone. So, share good thoughts.

 So many my friends and parents always ask me that according to you what is the secret of student success. How can I get success in business? What are the Critical success factors (CSFs)? What is the key of business success?  And for them this article is answer for all questions they have.

Critical Success factors (CSFs)

Well Critical Success factors (CSFs) is term use for the activities to achieve goal of your business or organization. But here we take it as for our personal growth. For success of community.

Ok today I’m here with new thought again and this time it is a chapter of one book I have read recently. I found it to be very useful and worth sharing with all of you.

So, let’s begin. This is going to be a motivational article for students. This article is full of motivational quotes of the day.

Definite Aim+Definite Goal+Definite Destination= Definite success

One of the most important critical success factors (CSFs).

This is the first condition of success. And also, a starting point success.

Clarity of goal gives power. Clarity of goal clears mind of confusion. Clarity of goal saves us from dissipating our powers, since we know exactly what it is that we want and can concentrate all our powers for the achievement of that single goal.

So again here clarity is the first and most important of all critical success factors.

A person who wanders aimlessly without clear, definite goal is a confused person. What results can one expect from such as one who does not know where he is going?

Absolutely right. Think on it. As I have mentioned Critical success factors include one definite Aim, one definite Goal, definite destination is the key of student success or business success.

Goalless person is like a rudderless ship, nobody knows where he will end up.

You must set yourself a clear, Specific and precise target, and also a deadline to make it. If a goal doesn’t have a deadline, the thing you consider your goal is nothing more than fantasy.

A clearly defined goal is a beginning of any great accomplishment. By having clear goal, you know clearly in which direction to channel and focus your energies till you finally succeed.

When you don’t have a clear target, your energy is squandered. The importance of clarity when it comes to goal setting cannot be overstated. If you have a goal clear enough and a desire intense enough, there is nothing that can stop you.

Use your Mind as a tool

Your mind has the power to give you everything you want, but you should first know what it is that you want. You can’t hit a target when you don’t know what it is.

One famous sculptor was asked how he carved a wonderful statue from a block of marble; the sculptor replied by saying, ‘Nothing’, he said, ‘I did nothing. The statue was already there, I just chiselled away the unnecessary marble’.

Whatever a man does, he must first do it in his mind. As Vincent van Gogh, one of the most famous painters in modern art says, ‘first I dream my painting and then I paint my dream’.

Goals must be written down so that they can be read frequently. The very act of committing your goal to paper brings greater clarity to it.

As per my early article word has power. Read it if you haven’t read it yet.

Deciding a goal and writing it on a paper is only a beginning. From paper, your goal must move on to your mind and get carved there so that whenever you think, you think about it. You live with it, you eat with it, you sleep with it.

motivational quote of the day- Importance of goal-critical success factor

Mantra for student success

This is the mantra for student success, for business success. It is answer of question How to be successful. It is one of the Critical Success Factors. Although you need other things also. For that I will write article soon.

Powerful words I must say. I find it worth to share such powerful article and I must say you must read this daily for few days until you are full with positive energy. Whatever written in this article is absolutely true? So, I can say it is critical success factor.

Just seat alone and close your eyes and think that do I have definite Goal in my life? Am I obsessed with it? Do I have strong desire to get it? To live my dream life? If yes you are lucky. You have one of the critical success factors. If not then before wasting another minute define it. Define your goal, your dream life.

To be successful you have to take initiatives and this is the first step that you have to take. Define goal or define aim is the first step towards your business success. if your student this is the first to get student success.

Motivational Quotes of the day

  1. The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching the goal. The tragedy lies in having no gaol to reach.
  2. No wind blows in favour of a ship without destination
motivational quote of the day- goal setting in life-critical success factor

Share this article with as many people as you can. remeber as per my prvious article what you give will get back so sahre this positve thoughts and you will get positive things in your life Will write such motivational articles at this platform. Share with students, with youth. Give it a priority.

Stay Happy & Motivated.Keep smiling

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