Day 06 10/12/2018 It's time to think about this.

Day 06 10/12/2018 It's time to think about this.

10th December 2018 2 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello friends, Welcome and Very Good Morning.

Headlines: 55 lakhs candidates are searching for Jobs to meet their daily living In Gujarat, India.In spite of having a good degree.

Yesterday’s news lines make me think the whole day.
Today’s title is about unemployment in spite of getting post-graduate degree.and is bitter truth of our today’s society. I think now it’s high time to take action and help people to set their career.
Why this happened and what is the solution for this? according to my opinion and as per my experience. your’s may be different.
So let’s first discuss our education system. Starting from school education to college education is all about passing with good marks and getting medals and awards. During school days we have been compared with others and pressurize to get good marks and to get good ranks. Ok as a child we are not capable enough to understand the futility of those things. No one at that time encourages us to learn new things and even they also not capable enough to see what that one thing in which we are best. So in school days we usually finished our race with good marks and certificates and medals.
After that life’s second phase starts, we usually get admissions in good prestigious college and again here we find oh!!! it’s time to run again blindly. In this phase of life, we are capable to understand if we will get right guidance at the right time regarding our career or what actually life is. But unfortunately there is no one to guide us and again we finished our race with good marks.
So until this stage, our life is all about reading books, sometimes only things that are Important for exams to clear and just focusing on getting good marks. we usually don’t learn new things, New thoughts. No one taught us about what actual life is. what is the scenario in the outside world? As a human what is our potential? So many great things that actually necessary apart from education syllabus to compete in the outside world.
So after getting our degree, we feel like ing of the world.we are very much enthusiastic to start a new life, a new beginning but suddenly we feel that it’s not easy like we taught in school or college. As no one taught us how to face challenges, no taught us regarding the necessity of patience. No one taught us about how to use things that you learned in school or college as til now this phase we only use to get marks and clear exams.
One another important thing is we always want to get admission in some fields whether we are interested in that or not. whether we love to do that thing or not. Just by seeing an example of other’s life we usually take a decision to get into that field sometimes we never even take to time to ask them or spend some time with them to know their job, whether are they happy with that or not? And the result is 94% people in this world is not happy with their field.

The solution as per My opinion

It’s not our fault. The system is like that. But Now it’s time to take action. It’s time to change our thinking process. encourage our youth and children to think out of the box. teach them, that of course, getting good marks and getting a degree is required but it’s not all about. encourage them to learn new things, to do things what you love or love things what you do. teach them ethics of life and importance of that. Do not compare them with others as every individual is unique.
If you are expert in one field plan some lectures in school & colleges and give some insights about that field. I urge schools and colleges to have lectures on real-life training what career options you have after completing your graduation? how to face challenges? what new things you can do? what is the latest trend and what might be the future? learn them to take the risk, work hard, life’s ethics that will help them to have a peaceful happy life.
I request all of you to share this blog and help to spread awareness. Help our youth and children so they will have their best life. By this way, we can even decrease the low age suicide incidents. There so much to write but I hereby gave my small effort in this situation. Still, my actions in this direction Continue……
Give me joining hand by commenting below or simply just fill up a contact form on the contact page. Let’s help our upcoming generation to build a better nation. Teamwork is required.

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