Day 07 11/12/2018 Expectation-  The root cause of all suffering

Day 07 11/12/2018 Expectation- The root cause of all suffering

11th December 2018 20 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello friends. Welcome and good morning, first of all, thank you so much all of you for your marvelous support and love. It gives me the motivation to write something new.
Today’s topic is about to know what is the root cause of all our sadness, suffering.
Yesterday when I was walking in the garden, one of my neighbors met me and told me that Hey! Viral, I am daily reading your blogs and thank you so much it gives me a new direction of thinking. Really I must say at some point I was wrong in my life.
I smiled and Thanks to Him for kind words. Then our conversation started and after a few minutes, it took turning point and FInally I got My new topic for today.
He told me that His brother is not supporting him. He never says a kind word to him or thanks to him for what he did for his brother. He says it hurts me a lot when I saw my brother not even have time to thank him and sometimes not even time to spend with him. He told me that whatever My brother today is because of my efforts for him.
He also said that one of his colleagues at his workplace is very rude and He forgot everything That I did for him when he was in trouble.
Suddenly his complaints take a high stand and slowly he became negative for his life and said that it’s my destiny that no one cares about me, no one loves me, no one has time for me. And the most important thing is this conversation happened at 7:00 A.M, New morning new beginning new chance to do something best and he was such negative thoughts at the beginning of the day.
The I stopped hi there and said My dear friend First of all do not start your day with all these things. There is a whole day to do something best. You can find your own best version today. So think something positive, thank almighty God that you are alive and healthy. God has still faith in you that you can do something best so he gave you a more healthy & happy 24 hours.
Then he told me Ya right but I cannot leave all these things. It became a habitual Thinking process. what to do?
And I find it’s not only his problem. Its a big problem for all of us.
I told him the root cause of all your suffering is EXPECTATION.
You have so many expectations from so many people. Stop being expecting and I can say with confidence that you will definitely relieve from all your suffering. So the right situation is like you are being controlled by someone’s behavior. Whatever You did for them, You did it by your wish and as per your nature. you did a very good job. You help people to get rid of their problems, to achieve their desire post or job. Just make one change just do it selflessly and with love and then forget that you did this. Do not expect anything. Think like this, You are not doing anything it is a god within you wants you to be medium of whatever good is happening.
Love everyone, Forgive everyone and love the life you have. Make one big change from today onwards that now onwards I will not expect anything from anyone. That makes you feel light and happy. Help people selflessly.
In the end, he feels so much lighter and happy that he told me that yes I am going to put that in action from right now. And I also told him that always start your day with a smile and with positive thoughts. He smiled and said Yes 100 %.
Its a story of all of us. We always want some appreciation and something in favor of what we did for someone. That is the beginning of your pain, suffering.
Just Give love. spread smile. help people selflessly. Make one rule that in a day will help someone selflessly, without expecting nothing from them not even Word. Will make someone smile, Will spread One good though I have regarding whatever it may be.
Keep smiling. Stay positive. Stay motivated.
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