Day 09 13/12/2018 Spend time with these 2 people

Day 09 13/12/2018 Spend time with these 2 people

13th December 2018 5 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hey friends, Welcome and very Good morning
Today’s discussion is very short but wants to give an important message to have a successful and peaceful life.
When you read the title you might be thinking that I am going to talk about some famous personalities or celebrities. But the answer is NO!
Of course, they are not less than any famous celebrity. They are a very integral part of our society. Let’s Open a secret
You should spend your some time with two types people
1 Old age people.
2. little kids

They both will give you things necessary to achieve success and peaceful life
When you will spend your time with old age people they will talk about their experiences. Mistakes they have done and achievements they got during their time. They will help you in some of your critical problems. you will get good thoughts and their precious experience of life journey. They will also feel good by having small talk with you as they need someone to talk with and to spend some time with young people. Just give a try. Spend time in weekdays or whenever you feel comfortable to talk with. Go to one of the old age homes in your town or old age people in your families. greet them and have a short talk with them about their past achievements. They will give you all the necessary details for success selflessly. They want nothing just they want someone to have little time for them to sit and talk.
Second most important is little kid or kids. Any newborn baby or 1-2 years old kids.
Here you will get refreshed mood. You will forget any of your tension or you get rid of stress. You fill light. even you get rid of your anger. Just be a little kid with them. try to make them smile. or have talk with them. babies are so innocent and they have nothing to hide. They enjoy small things like seeing a sparrow or just by your funny expressions. when you see their smile you will forget everything that is a cause of stress or anger in your mind. Just give a try. even scientific studies have proven that when you spend time with tiny babies your stress level is at a minimum by lowering cortisol level and you will have more positive energy.
So for any success, these two important things experience and peace of mind are absolutely necessary. Whenever you feel stress & frustration go to old age people to get some advice or a solution to your problem. they also give you the courage to fight with problems you have. and play with babies for some time so that your stress level goes down so you can have more focus and clear vision.

Give a try.

You agree comment your experience in the comment box below.

Keep smiling. keep motivated. Stay safe. stay positive.

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