Day 1 05/12/2018  Yess!!! More 24 hours

Day 1 05/12/2018 Yess!!! More 24 hours

5th December 2018 16 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hey Friends, Welcome to my life improvement Blog.
Every day I think, How can I help people to make them smiling and happy and show them to way to improve life. Yes, it is true that it’s not possible to make someone happy or sad as it is in our control to be happy or sad. But yes it is my small effort to make you happy and smiling.
First, let me ask you?
Is it diff to live a happy life?
R u happy with life and circumstances you have?
Do you love your self and life you have?
If your Ans is YES!!!! , then let me congratulate that you are the happiest and wealthiest person on earth. As one research says that about 99% of people are fall in the category of NO!!!!
This makes me think why is it so? somewhere I was and my surrounding people is also in the same situation. Then One day thought came to my mind that what is the main reason to be happy and stay motivated? what is that one thing that my answer for above questions will change from NO!! to YES!!!
And Suddenly one morning  My inner soul told me Hey Viral, Congratulations, You Have More 24 Hours to live. Yes, you have one more day to do something that makes you happy and makes others smile and showing them to reasons for living a happy life.
And I happily said to Myself  YES!!!! more 24 hours to do something for and as well as for others.
Then I feel happier and think that I have not only 24 hours but I have still good health and good intelligence and I have all that things, the energy that I need to achieve my goals and help others to achieve their goals, all I can do is be the guiding light for them.
My this story still has more words.
But FInally, Its to say yourself Every morning YES!!! I have more healthy 24 hours.

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