Day 3 07/12/2018 I never thought of this!!!!

Day 3 07/12/2018 I never thought of this!!!!

7th December 2018 0 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hey Friends, Welcome and Good Morning.
Let’s talk today about most common lines by most of us “I never thought of this still It happened”
Yesterday when I was talking to my friend, he asked me one question. He told me hey Viral I saw Your blog and when I read its first line “Our thought is everything. The thought is responsible for our circumstances and our life” I feel I should talk to you and let me tell you that you are wrong. There is nothing like that and it all just pre-written destiny. I said “OK!!!” and asked him “can you just explain me in detail?”
Then he told me that in his life there are many circumstances that he never thought of it.
He also told me that I never thought to meet you and certain people to have in my life than in this scenario what is the role of thought? So my dear Friend, Viral, Now please accept that there is nothing like thought and accept what may come as it is. There is no point of think Positive.
Then I smiled and replied to him ” Yes let’s accept that you are right and I am wrong but let me asked you to analyze the situation deeply for that you are giving your judgment.
meeting with People you never thought of, Having Circumstances You Never Thought of, Achieving something you never thought of, and lastly something bad that happened you never thought of, are the result of your thought for something you want passionately and working hard for that thing.
Then I explained him the situation that You have cleared one of the very tough competitive exams. For that first, you passionately want to have good rank in that exam and working day and night for that and finally, you got it. But in the end, you forgot the path of your journey you traveled. You have your dream come true by meeting right people at the right time that you never thought of it, something bad happens that you never thought of it that makes you more strong and keeps you on track for your dream.
All these tiny things that even we never thought of it is essential for the end result.
we don’t even realize that without these circumstances we would not have our final result that we thought of it. Ya, it is possible that things are not happening according to your plan but at the end, you will get the result what you thought of it.
finally, he agreed and told me that YES my brother you are right. Now I can understand that today whatever I have or whatever I am is because I want that position passionately.
he promised me to think wisely and now onwards he is going to be aware of thoughts he will have.
Final Conclusion is Yes our thoughts make us. Whatever We are is because of the thoughts we have. And at certain points, if you feel that you never thought of it just analyze the situation deeply.
scientifically it is proven that we have our next birth as per thought frequency we have a time of death.“ your thoughts create your reality” New quantum physics studies support this.
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So be vigilant for your thoughts. You can not control thoughts but of course, by habit, you can be aware of what you are thinking.
So Think positive. Life is so beautiful. Love yourself, you are unique. Keep Smiling always.

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