Day 4 08/12/2018 Cybersecurity Tips

Day 4 08/12/2018 Cybersecurity Tips

8th December 2018 7 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello Friends, Welcome and Good Morning,
Today Let’s talk something different. My today’s topic is something very different but I feel it is important things to share with you all.
In today’s world of technology, it’s so easy and comfortable to do things instantly and conveniently.
Like, If I  want to travel to someplace I have to just go online and can book my tickets and book a room to stay without going to that bus service provider. We will also get good discounts. So useful.
If I want to pay bills I can simply go to online and can pay my bills without standing in long ques. SO many things like online recharge, fund transfer, sending important documents, sharing photos with my friends. Well, let’s not waste to time in discussing all this. let’s come to point.
Yesterday I got one message from my friend saying just click this link and you will get 50 rs Paytm cash. And one more sentence added to that thing that “I got it. must try it”
There are so many messages like that and we get various links of fake news or promotions in WhatsApp messenger. All these things are great risks. Via those methods, You phone or bank account or profile may be hacked. You have no idea but your every action can be tracked.
So let me share some tips and websites links that will help us to be more secure and safe.


  1. Never Ever click of links that show fake promotion like one I shared above. First, check on the orginal website or you can mail to its customer care. Its a best and common hacking trick used to get all your details.
  1. Never ever open links from unknown sources and I request you to don’t be in hurry to forward such links to your friends and family members. always check on google or original site for validity.
  2. Always open links that have HTTPS: written on it and not HTTP only. Here “S” stands for Secure. Still before sharing or opening check its validity.
  3. A secure website has its name written on the address bar. For more details click here and look at the address bar.
  4. Never share your personal details on phone saying that we are calling from so and so the bank or company. Especially your card number, PIN number, CCV, bank account number etc.
  5. Always change your password for your Net banking, Email, Social Media account, Cards periodically. And Never use simple passwords like Birthdate, mobile number, your name like that. In hacking, there is a subject called Social engineering that deals with getting your details from social media.
  6. If possible never use Cracked versions of software it is the most common way to infect your pc or mobile phone.
  7. Always have antivirus installed and keep it updated for the latest virus update definition.
  8. For mobile phone never install application for an unknown source. Always see reviews and vendor of that software.
  9. Especially for Girls never ever check your social media account from workplace computer or from someone else’s mobile phone. Never accept a friend request from unknown person although you have so many mutual friends. Have a habit of logout from the end of the session and always a clear history of your browsing.
  10. Never save password on browsers of important websites like social media and net banking. always set a mobile alert for each time you log in.
  11. while installing application always check what permissions they ask and never ever blindly allow it. Like if software wants to allow your gallery or messaging or want to access your location always think twice before allowing that application. if the application has nothing to with your gallery or messaging or location simple deny it.
  12. If possible encrypt your mobile. will write a short blog on that soon.
  13. Never share your live location on Facebook or Instagram. One incident of theft in one city occur and thief confessed that we knew that they were not home by seeing their post on Facebook. So be aware.

If I forgot to write down something very important kindly comment it below and help in spreading awareness

In case if any day something bad happens or you will be a victim of the cyber attack immediately go to police and cybersecurity specialist to help you.

Important Sites to Visit:

Some of the very important Documents to download and read


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