Day 8 12/12/2018 Security Tips For Girls

Day 8 12/12/2018 Security Tips For Girls

12th December 2018 8 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hey Friends, welcome and good morning.
Today we will see something new and very interesting.
I choose today’s topic by seeing one of the most amazing Whatsapp Video and find it useful and necessary to share
This blog is especially for girls and women. In today’s world, it is very much necessary to educate girls and women about security measures. As anything bad can happen if they don’t know this basic security measures. There are certain Android apps also available for this purpose.

  1. I request all girls to set Police or security number in speed dial.
  2. Always give full details of the places they visit
  3. Give contact number of their close friends with whom she is going
  4. It’s better to call while leaving from home and office and same after reaching home and office its better to inform your parents.
  5. Always be aware of your surrounding. Do not accept the friend request of a person you don’t know.
  6. Have knowledge of some basic security steps to protect themselves.
  7. There is a small one gun which gives a 70000-volt shock to the attacker and that help to run away from that place
  8. There is also one button like thing which has rechargeable battery It disturbs the neural (brain system ) and also makes muscles paralyzed for a period of 10 minutes so you can run or call the police.
  9. The most commonly used paper spray is also available in lipstick shape and with a different color. this spray makes attacker blind for sometimes. it induces sneezing and pain in eyes so you have time to run
  10. there is also stick which has bright white light so it will cause bluer vision of attacker.
  11. You can also keep a small cutter, hockey stick in your bag.
  12. You can also keep talking with your near ones while traveling via cab and keep them updated with your current location
  13. Also, Share live location before sitting in bus or cab or while you find a place is not safe for you.

Most important thing You must have is the Courage to fight or courage for self-defense.
Be mentally strong and learn some basic tips and practice it at home.
But Yesterday I saw a video explaining what girl can do or what precautions they usually take to be safe while traveling by cab or someone’s car.

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Keep smiling. Stay safe. Stay motivated. 


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