Free available best life saving Drug

Free available best life saving Drug

18th December 2018 3 By Dr.Viral Shah

This is free medicine available

Hello friends, good morning and most welcome to letsbuilddestiny. Our place of sharing thoughts.

I first, thank all my dear followers who are sharing my post on Facebook and on Whats App with their friends and family members. You are giving your contribution in spreading happiness. Thank you so much for holding my hands.

So, let’s start today’s topic. 

It begins with today’s morning walk in the garden. I and my friend had just completed our 2ndround of walk in the garden as per our routine. Now it’s time to take rest for some time. We usually sit and enjoy nature’s blessing and have a good conversation on current topics all around the world. We sometimes discuss topics from books we read. But now this time something unusual happened.

I was enjoying positive affirmation music. He was sitting just next to me and just laugh at something & gave some negative comment. I asked him. Hey! bro what happen?  He told me to look at those foolish people wasting their time doing funny things that make them laugh. They are making just artificial laughing. I don’t know what kind of fun they have?

I smiled and said, my dear friend, they are taking their free medicine available. My friend laughed and said medicine? hey! Doc wakes up they are doing funny things in the group which makes them laugh.

I said Yes My dear friend that is their free medicine available and this medicine has no adverse effects.

Let me explain you.

First of all just think, when did you laugh freely? How often you laugh? Do you laugh with your family members? It’s your routine or just occasional?

He has no answer. He sat quietly for some time. I urge him to analyze these things.

I can tell you God loves us so much that he gifted us laughing like the best medicine of all your suffering for free and easily available with us. You don’t have to find it at any other place.You can use it whenever you want or I must say we have to daily use it. Then I told him benefits of laughing

The smile makes you feel light.

The Smile reduces your stress. Stress is the biggest enemy of all of us.its a root cause of all disease.

  • The smile helps inboosting up our confidence.
  •  The Smile also helpsin the slow down the aging process.
  • When we smile there is arelease of neuropeptide which reduces stress,
  •       Neuropeptidedopamine— natural pain reliever
  •       Neuropeptideserotonin—mood elevator

Then I told him, do you like angry faces? He said not at all of course. I like happy and smiling faces.

Yes, exactly smile makes your social as well as professional life very well. I asked him just imagine if you go shopping to buy something and if that shopkeeper welcomes you with a smile what will be the impact? Yes, he said I feel definitely good even if something bad happens I will inform him calmly.

I said yes that’s why we need to smile. He told me but, bro this is a fake smile.

I said about research done on a fake smile that fake smile works same as a natural smile. It helps to keep your heart rate and blood pressure in control. It also reduces your stress. So if you are not habitual to natural at least try for fake in laughing clubs and other places.I told him, you are doing good business of mobile selling so you know very well that deals which have only benefits and no loss its good deal to do. Right?

So my dear friend now onward decide that whatever the situation is I always have a smile and try to fight with an adverse situation. That will give you more positive energy and courage to face any situation.

I always wake up with a smiling face. That makes my day beautiful. Try it.

So I must say that there two nice sayings about the smile

“A smile is a curve that makes everything straight”

“Laughter is the best medicine in the world”

And let me add my lines too.

It’s not only the best medicine but also available free without any adverse effects.

He smiled and gave me hug and say Yaar! You are always right. I promise that I smile and make others smile.

We again started with our 3rd round with a BIG SMILE.

One small video of mine on this. Must watch.

Benefits of Smile

Keep smiling. Stay positive. Stay motivated. Stay safe.

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