Power of Subconscious mind…Law of attraction…Is it true or myth….

26th April 2017 21 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello my friends,

This is my second blog and after getting so much opinions and feedback I choose this topic.
I know most of us know regrading this thing and sometimes experienced also. this is very vast topic to write and share.Still it’s just beginning
But Here I am going to share my experiences and discuss regarding  how I am practicing it to fulfill my wish ,although I am also beginner and learner of this but firmly conculde  that
                           “Yes ..It really works”
                  “It is hidden power within all of us”
So Let’s Begin…..
First of all before going directly into it have some brief idea what it is and how it works..
It was in 2010-2011 when I came to know regarding this word and at that time I was wonder is it true? It was just introduction of law of attraction…but as pet my habit whenever I come to know something interesting I always go deep into that and do lots of research like searching on  net and reading books regarding that and finding scientific approval on that..than as it said very well that “experience is your best teacher”  I started practicing it and initially I didn’t get any result because I didn’t have  one of the most important requisite that I need and that is belief ..yes of course you have to have faith and belief in it (faith and belief is not same remember).

I must say It was toughest phase of my life ..and as already I mentioned in my previous blog whatever happens happens for the best ..that phase taught me lots of things ..I was most receptive for anything that can change or provide me strength and God (creator) by his way gave me information on this through my best friend whom I met.

 “God has so much love and worry for you than any other else” I firmly believe in this


                         (આકર્ષણ નો સિદ્ધાંત )

(અર્ધજાગૃત મન ની શક્તિ )

 “Law of Attraction    
It is not Millennium thought or recently Invented ..It is years and years old ..I can tell you this because I did lots of research on it and correlated some old incidents with this.

During our ancient time many gentlemen told us “Your subconscious mind has lots of power ,use it to make life worth”

Lord Shree Krushana : “अपनी मन की शक्ति को इतना जागृत  करो के जो तुम चाहो वो हो “
Science of Prayer is also based on this.

And now it is true that any thing before come to existence  must be their in mind  

It is very simple whatever you think you will achieve whether it is negative or positive
like if you Don’t want any delay or disease and if you constantly say that I don’t want to be late or I don’t want to be ill or like I don’t want to be in  Stress ..actually you are attracting those  things and so that’s why you have heard telling many people to you that “THINK POSITIVE”
But the bigest question is HOW?????????

First of all remember you have to develop habit to think positive in any situation.
and for that you have to do particular thing for 21 days..as  it will take 21 days for any habit to develop .
1)You have to start your day from thank to god and land and sun with smile and say loudly I am very happy today ( that’s why our saints already told us to daily do morning mantra 🙂 it will create positive energy in you and just for information it is known as law of gratitude 🙂

2) Do prayer everyday morning and evening with smile on your face

3) Go for walk (if not possible just 2 min stand in balcony and observe natural scenes anything like bird ..sky..flowers .)and admire creativity of god.

4) You can make your book and write down positive thoughts and things you want to achieve daily in that book and read it at your convince.
5) If above things not going to work for you,  its my advice you to stick some good wallpapers having good motivation quotes  on walls of  your room and on laptop and mobile wallpaper
6) Do meditation daily (start with 10 min and gradually increase your time)
7) Read good books or listen music or watch motivational videos (do whatever you love to do)
8) stand in front of mirror and look at yourself and confidently say Yes I am the best and I have pontential do anything I want
9)Avoid any kind of anger and keep away from people who constantly speak negative .
10) Before go to bed again prayer and thank to god for nice day and peaceful life.

These are small list of things that I do in my daily life to think positive and reduce negative thinking
Remember 21 days you have to do then it will be your habit 

How to Practice it

You have to have  patience to get results .do not lose your faith in it.sometimes it will take small time to have result and sometimes it will take long time to achieve what we want .
for achieving maximum your mind needs to be calm .
you can practice three times a day 
1) Morning Immediately  after wake up
2) Afternoon before going to have rest
3) At night immediately before going to sleep

Actually you can practice at your convenient time but reason behind practicing on above timings is related to your brain waves.

there are various methods by which you can practice or apply it
1) Write down on notebook or page and read it daily loudly
2) close your eyes and visualize thing you want and feel it that you already have it
3) you can draw that thing or have picture of it and vizaulize that you got that  thing

You can also combine these things with Pyravastu (Pyravastu is also interesting topic 😉 )
in which you can make own pyramid or buy it ( there are various types for that but I have started with Pyracard that is also enough or if don’t have anything of  these still you can practice )
 you have to rub your hand for five to 10 seconds and then put it on Pyracard or if don’t you can use small piece of paper having your wish written on it
make your own prayer start with law of
example or template:
  ” I really thank to my almighty god for his blessings” and then words for your wish in manner that you already got it and finish it with thank statement.

 ” I really thankful to almighty god for his blessings I got my admission in pg medical institute in Ahmadabad ,I am very happy and i a enjoying  my life .my wife my parents are also happy and my life is beautiful and peaceful ,thank you my lord “

(હે ઈશ્વર આપની  અસીમ કૃપા મારા પાર થઇ રહી છે.આપની  અસીમ કૃપા થી જ અમને મારી મનગમતી મેડિકલ કોલેજ માં એડ્મીસન મળી ગયું જેના થી હું એન્ડ મારો પરિવાર ખુબ જ ખુશ છીએ. અમે ખુબજ સુંદર અને  શાંતિ ની જિંદગી વિતાવી રહ્યા છીએ। આપનો ખુબ આભારી છું )

Affirmatively  speak this at least 3 times a day and having faith in it.
Continue this you  will see changes around you slowly and you feel more confident and happy.

It is really truth and not myth and I really experienced it my self in every way. don’t be frustrate or disappoint or depress remember one thing

    you have power within you just utilize it and you can become author of your life .

Whatever the situation is always have faith in God and remember god planning for us is better than we can ever think.

Some recommended books to read for this 

1)The Secret by Rhonda Byrne( all you must know about this)
2) Power of Subconcious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy ( invest on this book it is must read book)
3) Believe in Yourself by Dr.Joseph Murphy
4) Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
4) Telepsychics by Dr.Jopseph Murphy
5) Spiritual Healing by Lois Hewitt
6) Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal ( I am reading this currently)
7) The Bhagvad Gita ( you can find lots of speeches on it .I heard Mp3  by Shree Bhupendra Bhai Pandya)
8) The shreemad Bhagvat Granth ( Again I heard MP3 as well  read book by Shree Bhupendra bhai Pandya)
9) Pyramid physics
( still journey of reading such book continues…suggestion accepted om my mail id below)

Some Important Websites to visit 

1) http://www.thesecret.tv/
2)http://www.sandeepmaheshwari.com/ ( Best for motivational lectures)
3) http://sanjaymsraval.com/ ( best speeches suggested by Good friend Dr Rajesh Mahant)
4) http://www.nexus4web.co.in/satkarma_old/ ( For Shree Bupendrabhai Pandya’s speech)
5) http://kaajalozavaidya.in/ ( for best lectures on life understanding)
(suggestion accepted om my mail id below)

Some Important Videos to watch on Youtube

1) Spiritual reality of Meditation ( must must watch once) 
2) Best motivational speech by Bill gates 
3) Rules by warren buffett
4) Every videos of Sandeep Maheshwari
5) Power of positive thinking
(suggestion accepted om my mail id below)

Your thoughts make your life” so Think positive

I invite people to share your experiences regarding Power of Subconscious mind and Law of Attraction. I will be happy to have response. All of you can give your words with your photo via email mentioned below or  SMS your  name on +918200686714 will add you on whatsapp group and share your experience and I will share it on my my blog with your name and photo

You Can Contact me on below E mail Id 
Inbox me on Facebook also 
for any query or guidance if  you want I can help you out as per my best knowledge

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