Safe ONLINE Shopping- Be Smart

Safe ONLINE Shopping- Be Smart

21st December 2018 2 By Dr.Viral Shah

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Today is a day to learn something new. Maybe many of us know this but I thought to share some very useful information with you.

Today is the era of technology. It makes our life very simple but of course, it had increased the risk of cyber attack too. Today all of us are very familiar with famous websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra And so many. We also do online payment to these websites via mobile wallets like Paytm, Google pay, Freecharge and so many.

Sometimes we have seen many incidents of fraud too from these websites. So its time to become aware. As it is evolving technology we cannot go back to the old days and we are very habitual of online shoping, but one thing we can do is Safe online shoping. So incidents of fraud become less and we can enjoy the benefits of technology.

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Online shopping has become  very popular to purchase all things without leaving your home, and it is a convenient way to buy things like electronic appliances, furniture, cosmetics, and many more.  We can avoid the traffic and crowds. There is no particular time to buy things we can buy at any time instead of waiting for the store to open. Apart from all these advantages risks are involved and there are unique internet risks so it is very important to take some safety measures before you go for online shopping.

Tips for safe online shopping

  • Before you go for online shopping make sure your PC is secured with all core protections like antivirus, antispyware, firewall, system updated with all patches and web browser security with the trusted sites and security level at high.
  • Before you buy things online search about the website that you want to buy things from since attackers try to trap with websites that appear to be legitimate, but they are not. So make a note of the telephone number’s physical address of the vendor and confirm that the website is a trusted site. Search for different websites and compare the prices. Check the reviews of consumers and media of that particular website or merchants.
  • If you are ready to buy something online check, whether the site is secure like https or padlock on the browser address bar or at the status bar and then proceed with financial transactions.
  • After finishing the transaction take a print or screenshot of the transaction records and details of product like price, confirmation receipt, terms, and conditions of the sale.
  • If possible it is recommended to choose cash on delivery option(COD).
  • Immediately check the credit card statements as soon as you finish and get them to know about the charges you paid were same, and if you find any changes immediately report to concerned authorities.
  • After finishing your online shopping clear all the web browser cookies and turn off your PC since spammers and phishers will be looking for the system connected to the internet and try to send spam e-mails and try to install the malicious software that may collect your personal information.
  • Beware of the e-Mails like “please confirm of your payment, purchase and account detail for the product.” Remember legitimate business people never send such e-mails. If you receive such e-mails immediately call the merchant and inform the same.
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Keep Smiling. Stay positive. Stay motivated. Stay safe.

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