Strengthen your self

Strengthen your self

15th December 2018 Off By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello friends. Welcome to the Letsbuilddestiny
Today we will Keep this topic short and let’s make this topic interactive
Since a week I was working on a topic how to make ourself STRONG? I was constantly engaged for this topic and I thought to make this topic interesting and interactive
I have made a list of my weaknesses and strengths. And stick it on a wall form. Where I can see them daily, as well as while I am Working. I have also made that same list in my laptop using notes software and keep it my desktop.
Just keeping  list on walls and everywhere is not going to make me strong. I have to work on my weaknesses and convert them  to my strengths. But of course keeping it at place where I can see it daily makes me Keep Going.Provides me positive energy.
Will write one blog on what’s the benefits of writing your wish list and making a  list of your weaknesses and strengths.
So for this time you have homework
Make a list of weaknesses and strengths. Stick or put it at place where you can daily see it. Give a try. If possible take a picture and send it to email
You can share your experience in comment box below.Do give a try. You can contact me anytime if you want any kind of my help. After I will get your list we will work together on it.
Just you have to spend 30 mintues with the great,genious within you. With yourself.
Keep smiling. Stay Postive. Stay motivated.

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