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What you give, You get back-Inevitable Law of Universe

24th December 2018 6

Hello friends, welcome to letsbuilddestiny. After a short break of Saturday and Sunday, we are again here to share things. I didn’t post on Saturday and Sunday as many of my followers told me to give them some time to read previous posts. So let’s start sharing today’s thought. It all begins with morning call…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Free available best life saving Drug

18th December 2018 3

This is free medicine available Hello friends, good morning and most welcome to letsbuilddestiny. Our place of sharing thoughts. I first, thank all my dear followers who are sharing my post on Facebook and on Whats App with their friends and family members. You are giving your contribution in spreading happiness. Thank you so much for…

By Dr.Viral Shah

Power of Subconscious mind…Law of attraction…Is it true or myth….

26th April 2017 21

Hello my friends, This is my second blog and after getting so much opinions and feedback I choose this topic. I know most of us know regrading this thing and sometimes experienced also. this is very vast topic to write and share.Still it’s just beginning But Here I am going to share my experiences and…

By Dr.Viral Shah