The true meaning of Rich Part -1

The true meaning of Rich Part -1

19th December 2018 2 By Dr.Viral Shah

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Today I am going to share one of the best experiences of my professional life. I am a dentist working in Gujarat. It happened in 2016. I still remember that day. At the end of Diwali vacation I and my wife planning to reopen our clinic after a short vacation. We were doing preparation for the next day. It was 11:30 P.M. Now we have just finished our all necessary preparation like making a list of instruments and making a schedule of tomorrow’s patient, for the new beginning in New Year. At around 1:00 A.M. we were just about to go to bad I had a call. Firstly I didn’t pick up the call. But then again I had a call from the same number. I thought it might be emergency.someone was seeking of help. I picked up a call and at another end, someone was talking in a very tense voice and informed that Hey! Doc sorry to disturb you at this time but It is very much urgent for us to contact you. I said: No problem. What happened?

He said: My wife who is 45 years old having a severe big swelling in the lower jaw. She is in an extremely painful condition and We took 3-4 painkiller medicines but the condition is the same. Can please help me? She is crying and in a very much uncomfortable position.

I said ok we will meet at my clinic within 10 minutes. He said Ok Doc. We will be there.

First thought came to mind was to give nice effective medicine which can relieve pain and will call her tomorrow morning. But I thought to do something better that will give her relief and she can have comfortable sleep.

So I and my wife reached our clinic at around 1:20 A.M. and did all the necessary preparation before she came.

After 10 minutes, One big car came and she walked into our clinic with her son. She was crying at the time of entering our clinic. As we did all preparation for her . we told her to go straight to the dental chair. We examined her.  We found the cause of her problem that was one decayed tooth. We informed her son that this is the problem. He told us to do whatever necessary. He told us that His father will come tomorrow morning and talk to you regarding fees and expenses. Right now please make her comfortable and relieve her from pain.

So We did our emergency dental treatment and after 10 minutes she felt good. And told us that now the condition is improving. Pain intensity is now getting dull. After a few more minutes, she felt good. She smiled and said thank you so much, doctor. I was in pain since last 3 hours and I felt very terrible.

Next day morning we gave a call to her and asked about her condition and she replied now she is fine. She will be there soon for further treatment. We said ok that’s good take care.

Her husband came and told us to complete the treatment. He will pay all charges together after treatment has been done. I told him about treatment procedures and charges for the same. He agreed with that.

So finally the day came we have done with her treatment. Now she is completely fine and doing her routine activity normally. We also did the followup for the same for an entire whole week.

Now it was one month and above and we didn’t even call her for the payment. One day as per our software system message sent to her registered mobile number. Her husband came and told us that he will do payment within a week. After a week again, as usual, he didn’t come and Now he stopped responding to our calls. We thought ok let’s forget this and focus on our other work. I am hereby just for information let you people know that amount was 6000. So all of you can compare with the next patient I will just go to talk about. After 5 months of this incidents, her husband came and said take this 2500 and now owards do not call us. Your charges are so high I have inquired to other places they told us the same treatment in just 500 rs. He is lying about that thing. He left our clinic very rudely.

Now just imagine what happened 5months ago. He called us at the night at around 1:00 A.M.

Requesting us to do some needful. Her wife was crying in pain and we did our best to get her relief from pain. We informed him regarding payment and procedures and he agreed. We didn’t charge him for the emergency procedure we did. We did our honest and best work. He is very well known persons of our area having sound wealth. This is about my first experience.

In the next part, we will see the next incident and conclusion of this article.

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