The true meaning of Rich part-2

The true meaning of Rich part-2

20th December 2018 3 By Dr.Viral Shah

Good morning friends. Welcome back.

This is part 2 of the true meaning of rich.

So after 3 days of that 1st incident, another patient came to our clinic. I still remember his face he is quiet and tense. he came for the treatment of his wife’s bad oral health. She was in severe pain and having two small kids. Her husband was doing labor work and his family depend on daily income. He told me, sir, please do needful. She is having pain since last 2 days and also not able to attend our workplace. I and my wife examine her. Her condition was very much compromised. Many decayed teeth and some missing also. I told him about his wife’s condition and told him to go to some trust hospital with my reference. He told me that no sir, I want you to treat her. Whatever your charges are I will pay in installments. My eyes were watching him, he had some old torn pants. His children have no footwear to wear. His family depends on daily income. But suddenly my heart had a loud heartbeat as if saying me viral do this for totally free not for him just for god shake.Here god is giving you a chance to sereve him.

Now I and my wife decided to do the necessary treatment for her. And decided not to charge anything. We told him about treatment procedures and follow-up, approximate time that is required for complete treatment. He agreed for all. After the first visit, he again assured me sir don’t worry about the payment. I will pay all your charges. I assured him not to worry about the charges. We are not going to charge him. after 7-8 sittings and approximately 1 month now we had completed her treatment. now she is fine. We did follow-up also. everything was pretty good and looks perfect.

After the last visit, he again assured us regarding fees. We told him not to worry about that.

After about 3 months, we were busy in our Routine schedule. With our surprise, He came back. He was so happy and gave us good news of his selection in some big company as a supervisor. He told us that His wife is extremely fine. He gave us one big basket of fresh vegetables. He told us that he got this from one of the framers for whom he was working. when we were talking, he suddenly searching for something in his pockets.  Guess what? He gave us 3000 Rs. And told to me sir this is first installments of your fees. I asked him hey! How did you come to know about the charges? We are not going to take any charges from you. We even didn’t tell you. His answer makes me speechless for some time.

He told me that sir when we came for treatment for the second time I asked one of your patients regarding your charges. By seeing my papers he told me approx. charges. Even he told me that sir and his wife are very honest I think they are not going to charge. So I noted down that.

But somehow for some time, I was not able to pay you as I was working as labor in one of the construction sites. But just 1 month back I had been promoted as a supervisor and now I have a salary of 6000 per month. So I can able to pay you. His story makes me sentimental. I stared him for some time and then I gave him money back and my wife told him that spend this money on your children’s education. Don’t waste it in tobacco and other addictions. Again, he told us that the day he came here and we told him that we are not going to charge him on the same day he left tobacco and other addictions.

He started saving money for my charges. We felt so good. We told him to come again if he needs any kind of our help. finally, he left with a big smile and with positive thoughts. We are so happy that he changed his direction of living. Now he has not any addiction. He is trying his best to give the best education to his children. He often comes to meet us. Just now he gave us the good news that his elder daughter has been selected in government medical college for MBBS and his younger daughter got good rank in 1oth board examination.

So finally let’s go towards the conclusion

The first patient has everything. She came by car and also in an emergency. She belongs to the good rich family. They don’t have to worry about anything.

The second patient was labor at some construction site. He had to worry about food for him as well as for his family.his wife had a more severe and costly treatment. We didn’t even him tell him charges. He inquired one of the patients and got an estimate of his wife’s treatment. He had full trust in us. We told him that we are not going to charge him and still after 3 months he came back to give the first installment.In addition, he brought a bucket of fresh vegetables for us.

Now according to me Truly rich is this second person. He had nothing still he had the attitude to give me back. One big smile and clap for him. He gives me the motivation to keep on doing good things. He still gives me respect for changing his life in a positive direction. Let me disclose his name . Umeshbhai. My memorable patient. He makes our moments unforgettable.

Still at this moment when I am writing my conclusion I can see his face and that makes me feel good as well as sentimental.

So, in the beginning I consider it as my one of best experiences. Just because of him.

Do share your answer and do comment on this.

share your opinions as well.

Keep Smiling. Stay positive. Stay Motivated. Stay safe.

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