Two Diamonds we have – Time & Focus

Two Diamonds we have – Time & Focus

4th April 2019 1 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hey my friends, Welcome to letsbuilddestiny- A powerful Platform to share powerful thoughts.

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So, let’s move ahead to achieve more milestones. Let’s change someone’s life in positive direction. Let’s bring positive change in community.

Today I am going to write what I have discussed last week at community hall full of 200 young people.

Today We are going to discuss or do some our deep thinking on two most important factors to achieve what we want in our life.

This article is very important or worth reading for students and people who really want to achieve something. I personally feel these two as important things that we have to take care and Since last so many days I have observed some of young people in age 0f 15-20 wasting their time to sit at some pan corner and have cigarette in hand or chewing tobacco and criticizing successful people. I feel so bad when I see, Young people of India wasting their precious time like this. I must say we have power of youth but our youth needs proper guidance. They are direction less.

 So, let’s start

Time is Precious

People keep complaining about the lack of time. They make excuses for completion of their task. We make excuses when we are lazy to complete the task or due to lack of interest or lack of strong will power.

I think you all agree with this. I am also.
Successful people don’t make excuses, they create result” We have to invest our time in productive way. Take apart some time from your daily chores to complete your task in specific time span. This helps us to be punctual, increase our reputation and achieve laurels in all fields. Sustained failure happens as a consequence of small daily alts of neglect that stacks up over time to leading to a break down.
A football player gets the ball only for a short period of time. It depends on how well he utilises his time to target maximum number of goals.
In the word “impossible”, just by removing the prefix” im” we are left with the word possible. In the same way, instead of making excuses if we dedicate our time in the best possible way there is nothing impossible in this world.

What’s Your opinion about this? Time is everything. Time is money we must agree for that

“Time once lapsed, never comes back”

Use of time

A man was exploring caves by the seashore. He caws a canvas bag filled with something. He took the bag and sat down near the sea shore. He was weary and aimless. He took the object from the canvas bag and started throwing it into the ocean as far as possible. He had already thrown a dozen of it from the bag when suddenly his eyes caught sight of the object. “They were precious diamonds”
He repented as he threw away the precious diamonds which were in his hands thinking they were stones. We also lose such precious moments in life and later regret for it.

The diamond represents the time. God has given enough time to everyone, but people don’t use this valuable time in the right way. We spend our time doing inappropriate things and later regret it. Work done by utilizing the right moment gives meaning to life otherwise we are left with complaining, regrets, and excuses. There is no point sitting to study after the exams are over. “Things done in the right moment gives best results.”

Moral of the story

Yes, we are doing the same. Whether you people confess it or not. If you take care of time, time will take care of you. Just don’t waste it. I met so many people who today now regret for the time they have wasted by not taking decisions, by not utilising it in right way.

So, don’t be one of them. Read my first article Yes! I have more 24 Hours.

Focus to Achieve

The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose. A burning
desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a spark cannot give much heat and light, a weak desire cannot produce great result.
“Don’t just pursue your dreams, chase them down to accomplish it.”
Everyone has wishes to be successful, happy and lead a prosperous life.

But these are only wishing, they are not goals. Goals need strategies and plan to obtain the desired wish. A well-planned effort and focus towards our goal leads to achievements and satisfaction.

Why are goals important?

Goals give a sense of direction. A man walking down a road comes to an intersection point and finds two roads. Both led to a different direction. If he is sure as to where he ought to go, he would choose the right path otherwise he would be traveling without any direction or destination.
Our goals must be smart
T… Time bounding
Your goals must be specific and targeted to what you want to achieve. Goals you set must be measurable as to how far you are able to accomplish your target. Just targeting something is not enough. It should be achievable and realistic. You cannot wish to build a 4 storey building in a week. You should allot a specific time limit to accomplish your task. When all this is put together with hard work, concentration and will power, no one can stop you from achieving your goal.

Story of Falamingo

A flamingo decided to migrate to another continent. It had planned out strategies as to how it would reach its destination. It decided to take rest in the next island which it would pass by and then a forest area and finally reach its destination to another continent.
As planned the flamingo flew towards its destination and landed on the island. But unfortunately, the weather started worsening and he could not stay there. He had two options before him either to go back from where he had come or to move forward towards his destination.
The flamingo decided to move forward as there was no point in going back. He had already covered half his distance to his destination. The flamingo kept flying and now reached the second point as it had planned.
The forest was full of monkeys and they did not allow the flamingo to land. They kept chasing the flamingo to catch it. The flamingo thought it was dangerous to stay in the forest and decided to move was in a dilemma as to go back or move forward as it had faced an unexpected situation in its journey. The strategies did not work as they had planned. But finally, it decided to move forward towards its destination gathering its will power and keeping the focus on its destination
Finally, the flamingo safely landed on the continent which was its final destination the flamingo had reached the destination in less time than it had planned. This would not have been possible if it hadn’t overcome the uncertain circumstances it had faced in its journey.
We too can achieve our goals when we overcome obstacles and keep our focus clear on our destination. We back up when we doubt our capabilities, Insecurity creeps in and we convince ourselves by quitting or trying later. By gathering
courage and changing our altitude and perspective we can achieve all that we want.

Most well known example or ideal – Arjun in the Mahabahrat

Again, focus is very much important. We all know the story of Arjun in the Mahabharat. When he was aiming for the bird eye and also for the fish’s eye, he focused all his energy for that goal only. So, we also need that.

Just take the decision to do something great. Give your time and Focus for that goal. Maybe possible that you will fail for 1 or 2 rimes but I am dam sure that one day you will succeed. That is the thumb rule. It is an inevitable law. Just believe in yourself and in this law.

Just sit 2 minutes and think honestly whether you are doing the same as person who was throwing stones in ocean or you are aware of that diamond?

Do give reply in comment box below. Share this article with maximum students and with young people. Download pictures from this post or from gallery and make them as your wallpapers or stick them to wall of your room.

big transformation.

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Keep Smiling. Stay Motivated. Stay happy. Stay Safe.

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