What you give, You get back-Inevitable Law of Universe

What you give, You get back-Inevitable Law of Universe

24th December 2018 6 By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello friends, welcome to letsbuilddestiny. After a short break of Saturday and Sunday, we are again here to share things.

I didn’t post on Saturday and Sunday as many of my followers told me to give them some time to read previous posts.

So let’s start sharing today’s thought.

It all begins with morning call on 16/12/2018 from one of my best friends. He called me in the morning at 9:30 A.M. to meet him as he is not feeling well and wants to meet me and wants to discuss some important thing. I said ok let’s meet after 15 minutes. We decided to meet in the nearby park so we can take a walk and can discuss his problem.

So finally we met and started our conversation. He told me,” I read you each and every blog and I read your blog on expectation, it was very nice reading and you started a very nice thing of sharing of useful thoughts. It must be helpful to people like me” But let me share with you that I am always surrounded by sadness and people with angry faces or people who want to take revenge. My surrounding vibes are very frustrating. I want to change that. What to do? Do you have the solution to it? I said “ yes my dear friend, It is very simple” Simple? He asked. He added Hey viral I started reading books on it and searching on google for this. I almost used every solution for this. So many motivational speeches and what not. But I felt everything is useless. Please help me out bro.

I said don’t worry it has only one solution as per my experience. Whatever I am writing or saying is always supported by my own personal experience. Let me explain you in detail. As per I know your nature you are very short temper. You always tend to shout on another person. Just do a deep analysis of nature whether I am right or wrong. We always have a habit to think about ourselves, that’s another topic we will discuss it later in detail.

He said Ya well that’s true. I am. But I found it to be ok. I don’t think so it can be a cause of my problem.

I said ok let me tell you one nice story for this.

Once upon a time, there was one farmer. He thought this time I want to reap Carrots( ગાજર). He started his preparation. He also told her wife and family that this time we have Carrots. They all are very happy. Now its time to bow. So he and his wife started cultivating and they worked very hard. Day and night to have good amount crops this time. His wife learned so many new different recipes to cook Carrots. They were very happy. Now this time the rain is also good that is good for harvesting have nice amount crops. Everything is in their favor. Now it’s time to reap. But with their great surprise farmer have Bitter gourd (કરેલા) to reap. He was very disappointed. He told his wife about this. His wife told him how can be possible? You bowed seeds of Carrots and now we have to reap bitter gourds. He told I didn’t get seed of carrots so I bowed seeds of bitter gourds. Poor farmer. Really have pity on him. But what we can we do? It’s his poor fate.

Suddenly my friend angrily replied “ Poor farmer? He is mad. He is the biggest fool on the earth. He bowed seeds of bitter gourds and how can he was keeping hope to reap carrots. It’s a thumb rule what you bow you will reap. No one can change this and still, he is angry and said, mad farmer, I have no pity on him.

I said exactly Bro this is what my message is. There is thumb rule of this universe what you give you get back. This is all about energy. We all are connected to divine energy and one sure thing is what you give you get back.

If you do not let another person earn you will be suffering from a money crisis. If you didn’t respect other people you also don’t get respect. If you give hatred to other people you will get the same back.

If you give love and happiness the same will come back to you. If you release negative energy you will be surrounded by the same always.

Even now scientifically it is proved that our body has a different aura and what aura is? It is one kind of energy. So I think a good deal is to spread happiness and give respect and love to others. Let others earn and you will experience that this universe starts flowing money to you also.

Just give a try and have patience. Experience its miracle power.

For some time he sat quiet and said Yes! Yes! Yes! right. Let me try and experience and I will surely share my experience. I think this is the solution to my problem.

I said what you are doing till this date is good for mental health like reading motivational books and listening motivation lectures so continue with that. But also implement this rule also. Be vigilant for your thoughts as thoughts become your energy.

He gave me a smile a and said I don’t want to be a mad farmer. We both laugh loudly and started walk towards our home.

Just today He shared his experience about initial days. This is what his experience in his own words.

“Hey! my dear friend Viral. I gave a try and you know I am feeling amazing. I am feeling very light and happy. It looks like my surrounding is improving. please share my experience on your blog post. Now I have made it rule of my life. Thank you so much for spending your time with me and giving me a solution to my problem”

It is very true. Lastly, Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So good deal is to spread happiness and give love to everyone. Never bargain with people who are selling things on road remember just taking 50/100 rs more from you they will not be rich. They are just trying to get two times food for their family. Will write a separate post on it.

Write down it in your diary that WHAT YOU GIVE YOU GET BACK

If you agree, do share with your friends and family. Write about your experience in the comment box below. keep following letsbuilddestiny.org.in

Keep smiling. Stay positive. Stay motivated. Stay safe.

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