That's why we need to do exercise

That's why we need to do exercise

16th December 2018 Off By Dr.Viral Shah

Hello friends. Welcome to Letsbuilddestiny
Today’s topic I have chosen to bring awareness about our health. I also need to do this strickly and whatever the season or atmosphere is have to go with this rule.
Many of us are doing this on a daily basis and I need to congratulate them.
Yes topic is benefits of exercise
To start with let me quote one nice saying
” Health is wealth” if we have good health we can achieve whatever we want.
I here by going to list 30 benefits of exercise. Will shortly upload pdf of these benefits in gujarati.
So let’s start.

  1. Keeps your mind alert and happy.
  2. Helps to boost up your energy to learn new things.
  3. Increases self confidence.
  4. Keeps your mind healthy.
  5. Keeps your body healthy.
  6. Makes your immunity more strong. Helps you to fight against various deases.
  7. Reduces your stress.
  8. Makes your day more joyful and energetic.
  9. Slows down aging.
  10. Increases your mental stability. Increases your decision making capacity.
  11. Makes your skin more healthy and fair.
  12. You have good and peaceful sleep.
  13. Reduces risk of heart attack.
  14. Increases health of various joints of body. Makes them more efficient.
  15. Makes your muscles strong.
  16. Reduce your tension and makes you feel lighter.
  17. Boost up your memory.
  18. Helps you in leaving of addiction of tobacco and cigarettes.
  19. Makes your reproductive system healthier.
  20. Increases positive thoughts.
  21. Helps you to focus on your goal.
  22. Makes your bone stronger.
  23. Reduces cholesterol level.
  24. Helps you in fighting against cancer.
  25. Prevent high blood pressure.
  26. Reduces risk if diabetes.
  27. Makes you free from depression.
  28. Increases oxygen supply to various tissues of your body.
  29. Increases your working capacity.
  30. Increases overall quality of life.

So these are some of the most important benefits of exercise.
We have to start exercise today. Let’s make this rule for our life and strictly adhere to that.
If you have any other point mention it in a comment.
Keep smiling. Stay Postive. Stay motivated.

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